100% Human Hair. No Colouring, No artificial curls
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30" Curly Hair

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Each pack contains 100g of the Highest Quality 100% Premium Human Hair.

Our curly hair range is completely natural. The curls are natural curls, so will stay in after you wash. The shorter hair tends to be curlier as, as the hair gets longer it is inevitable that the curls become less curly as gravity takes over.

Remember, our hair is completely natural, other than shampoo and conditioner, nothing has been done to this hair. All hair pieces are unique, no-one looks the same, but our expert hair agents will match different sets of hair when you purchase hair.

We do not use styling wands etc to create the curls, so you can be assured the curls will stay. Look after your curly hair, and it will last over and over again. Simply shampoo and condition your hair to restore your curls, time and time again.

Your hair will come to you freshly washed and conditioned, but we recommend the curly hair is lightly washed when you first open it to restore the curls to their full glory. Simply dry in the sun, out of the wind.

Available in Natural Colours, Black (1), Dark/Brown (1B) and Brown (2).

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