100% Human Hair. No Colouring, No artificial curls
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About us

We are an Australian based hair wholesaler that sources its hair from all around the world. We buy quality un-adulterated hair only, it is not bleached, coloured or have artificial curls added.

We buy in bulk, and pass on those savings to our customers. Our quality control processes ensures that any substandard hair does not get sold onto our customers.

We sell straight and curly, in natural colours only, as anything else requires tampering with the product.

Our staff tour countries, setting up hair expos, as a way to meet our customers. We predominately sell wholesale quantities, but will sell small volumes to our retail customers as well.

Our website is in AUD, but we allow our customers in Nigeria to pay in Naira into a local account, given it is hard to get access to foreign currency. We have price lists on our site in USD and Naira for your information, but the actual price will be calculated at the checkout. 

Keep an eye on our blog for details of our upcoming tours.