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Employee Profile - Josephine

Josephine is currently back home in Nigeria, visiting salons and selling our fantastic hair. Josephine lives in Australia now, and is Studying for her Masters in Advanced Public Health.

Before coming to Australia, Josephine used to buy and sell hair in Nigeria, and we are very lucky to have someone with Josephines knowledge of hair on our team. Josephine was part of the team that flew to India to meet our suppliers face to face, and has been working with us on our branding and packaging design. She is not affraid to roll her sleeves up, and wash and pack our raw hair.

She is teaching herself how to do wefting, and how to make closures. A very well rounded employee ! She is involved in all parts of our business and a big asset. She is keen for us to move into selling closures, and we are currently considering expanding our range to include closures based on her advice. 

Josephine is in Abuja for a few more days before she heads onto Lagos to sell the rest of our hair.



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